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Dear Friends and Neighbors,

I'm very excited to announce my candidacy for Congress representing District 4.  I look forward to helping you in any way that I can.

If someone tells you we have problems and I will fight for you but doesn't tell you how they're going to accomplish anything then that means they have no ideas. IDEAS MATTER.

Every weekend now through the primary election on June 14th, I will be adding more information to this webpage.  Look under IDEAS MATTER for details on some of the things that we can do to make a difference.

Also, you have to be registered as a Democrat to participate in this very important Democratic primary, so please go to www.nvsos.gov/SOSVoterRegForm/VoterForm.aspx before Tuesday the 24th to make sure you are able to participate in the primary.

I will listen to you, to your ideas and concerns.

I will carefully study how legislation will affect you.

I'm an ordinary person like you. I became involved in politics because I'm frustrated by some legislators and Representatives who refuse to deal with problems.

Our constitution provides for representative government, where legislators are held accountable for their actions by the people

Do you want a Congressman who will represent YOU and YOUR FAMILY?


Professional Profile

 · CEO & Director of
     Skyler’s C. F. Foundation, Inc.
· President & owner of
     B. J. C. Enterprises.
· Was the President & owner of
     The Golden Touch
· Speak fluent Japanese.
· I hold a US Patent.
· Trained as a home nurse.
· Licensed Private Pilot for 29 years.
· Was vice president in charge of foreign affairs for Grand Airways.
· Was a service assistant for United Airlines at McCarran international airport.
· Shop & hanger manager at Skypark Airport. Bountiful, UT.


Brandon’s son Skyler and daughter Mandi have cystic fibrosis and he knows how challenging it can be to obtain affordable, quality medical care in Nevada. He understands the problems of those who are chronically ill or disabled.

He will listen to your concerns and make sure your family has a voice in are federal government.

Elect someone who has walked in your shoes, worked hard to provide for his family and wants real improvements in the areas that matter the most to the hard working people of Congress district 4.

Donation To Casutt For Nevada
Employer and Occupation

For a donation of any amount click here.

Or you can use ActBlue at the following link


"Mr. Casutt is a family man who wants to improve health care, education and safety of our families. Mr. Casutt is a business man who has the integrity to represent you!"

 Patricia Schutlz


Ever so often, I will also be posting updates on social media. Please feel free to check out Facebook @CasuttforNevada, Instagram @CasuttforNevada and Twitter @CasuttforNevada

In the weeks to come, I will be adding details on exact plans that will help all of us move forward on important issues. My campaign is completely built around IDEAS. Ideas that will move us forward. Please check this website every week or so to be up-to-date on many of the important issues.

If you agree with me, that we must have changes, to help the citizens of our State, from our children to our seniors, then I ask for your support.

Email me at casutt4nevada@gmail.com

Elect Brandon Casutt to Congress District 4.